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    It is always fun to watch the faces of a new team as they view Ghana for the first time. That joy doubles when the new team are teens traveling to Africa for the first time. As we began traveling to the hotel they experience the heavy traffic, venders selling their wares to the van […]

  • The first official Preschool Graduation at St. Paul’s

    Getting up a 4:45am is not high on my list of things I love to do, however, when it involves seeing “my children” graduate from preschool, I was up before the alarm even went off. Saturday, July 24, 2010, was a momentous occasion in the life of St. Paul’s Preschool and Akramaman village. Just 3 […]

  • Our Mission is Finished – by Beth Hester, R.N.

    To paraphrase someone a long time ago Our mission is done. I have seen the most wonderful learning and excitement and appreciation on the faces of so many Ghanaian women this week it is hard to count the number. It is amazing the way they listen so attentively as they soak up new information on […]


    I’ve heard Debi talk about visiting Elmina for years now. I’ve see pictures of the inside of the castle. I’ve heard some of its history. But, nothing compares to actually being there. According to our guide, after Elmina was built in the early 1400s, Portuguese missionaries started taking the most intelligent and strong leaders from […]

  • My Walk on the Wildside by Nicole Schmidt

    Mondy began at 5am as we left to head to Kakum National Park, a rainforest preserve, 3 hours from Accra. I was so excited to actually be going to the rainforest! Our tour guide was Fred. He led our group, Debi, Beth, Lisa, Tana, Moses, Ali, myself and 2 other Americans up the pathway to […]

  • Ghana Paradise

    Every good mission needs a day to catch their breath before going full force. Today was our day. After a nice relaxing 4 hour church service where the electricity was shut off in the middle of the service, we took a nice drive to the east of Accra toward Tema, the port city. They have […]

  • A saturday at the Makaloa Market

    What fun Beth, Nicole, Lisa and I had as Mercia took us to the Makaloa Market in Accra.  I have written about this market in the past.  Lots of people, crowded stalls and you can buy anything.  We did some fabric shopping, jewelry shopping and bead shopping.  Enjoy the Photos.

  • The Health Teams visit with Ghana Health Services

    Akwaaba, My how times does fly once the teams arrive in Ghana. Our days start early and seem to go on late into the night—or at least my day seems that way. Friday, we left early to drive to the Amasaman Health District for a meeting with Dr. Cynthia Kawakye Maclean, the director of Health […]

  • The Health Team Has Arrived

    How exciting. The Health team arrived today. The team is led by Beth Hester, RN, of Westminster. It includes Nicole Schmidt, a teacher and Lisa Bornt, an animal technician, both of Westminster. We are also happy to have Tana Younger, of Virginia, who is a professional photographer. Hopefully you will be seeing beautiful photos from […]

  • Days 4-5 Ghana. It’s all about the children

    First, anyone out there  complaining about mowing your yard, take a look at this guy with his machette.  He was mowing the lawn when I got to the village. Wow is all I can think. I purchased a MTN internet connector today and yes, yes, yes. Last night I thought I would take a sledge- […]