A saturday at the Makaloa Market

What fun Beth, Nicole, Lisa and I had as Mercia took us to the Makaloa Market in Accra.  I have written about this market in the past.  Lots of people, crowded stalls and you can buy anything.  We did some fabric shopping, jewelry shopping and bead shopping.  Enjoy the Photos.

Market day
Ah, fresh coconut
Hats, hats, hats, every color imaginable
What will you buy?
This young porter wanted her photo
But at the end of the day, our work must continue. Sorting 300 T-shirts for the four Health Programmes

One response to “A saturday at the Makaloa Market”

  1. Awesome Pictures!! Looks Like You All are Safe and Having a Great Adventure!! Praying for Your Safe Return to Us! We Love Yah Very Much!! Take Care!! 🙂

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