Ian, Sara, Maria and Haley arrive in Ghana.

It is always fun to watch the faces of a new team as they view Ghana for the first time. That joy doubles when the new team are teens traveling to Africa for the first time.

As we began traveling to the hotel they experience the heavy traffic, venders selling their wares to the van windows and all the colorful sights and sounds of Accra.

Mercia prepared a delicious dinner of Groundnut Soup (peanut soup) with chicken and Omotuo (a rice ball). Everyone atleast tried the dinner. All the adults finished and had seconds. The teens are just too excited.

Haley gets measures by our seamstress Betty Jean

The girls had their first opportunity to go to a seamstress for a fitting. They will look very special next week in their new dresses.

Tomorrow we will have our first visit to the Cultural Market. It is also Maria’s birthday and we will have a special luncheon celebration. Stay tuned for exciting days ahead.

2 responses to “ALL IS WELL–TEAM #2 HAS ARRIVED”

  1. Debi,

    Thanks for the update. It’s wonderful to be able to see photos of the group so soon. God Bless.

    Phyllis Mueller

  2. So glad to see everyone got there OK. Thanks to Mr. Neumann for all his hard work in getting this trip underway. I talked to Haley tonight which was awesome. Great to see her getting measurements taken for her church outfit.
    Nice to be able to follow them with these daily logs.
    Thank You

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