The Health Team Has Arrived

Nicole Schmidt sits outside the Hansonic Hotel

How exciting. The Health team arrived today. The team is led by Beth Hester, RN, of Westminster. It includes Nicole Schmidt, a teacher and Lisa Bornt, an animal technician, both of Westminster. We are also happy to have Tana Younger, of Virginia, who is a professional photographer. Hopefully you will be seeing beautiful photos from her over the next few weeks.

Lisa, Nicole, Tana and Beth at the Hansonic

After a good meal of ground nut stew and omo too (rice balls) I left them to recover from the long flight (about 10 hours) from Washington. We have an early day tomorrow, leaving at 7 am. Looks like bread and cheese for breakfast on the road.

Blessings, Debi

One response to “The Health Team Has Arrived”

  1. Im sooo glad to hear your having a great time! Keep me posted about tomorrows activities. Im about to go to bed. Night. love you.

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