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Our Mission is Finished – by Beth Hester, R.N.

Beth Hester, Leader of the Breast Cancer Awareness

To paraphrase someone a long time ago Our mission is done. I have seen the most wonderful learning and excitement and appreciation on the faces of so many Ghanaian women this week it is hard to count the number.

Holding her sleeping grandchild, a woman listens carefully

It is amazing the way they listen so attentively as they soak up new information on breast cancer and breast self-exam and hypertension and menopause. These topics that American women have been learning all our lives is very new to the distant villages.

Here in Ghana the word “village” is similar to our word “town” as a village can be a few hundrend to many hundred. They asked us lots of questions some of which were on a very personal level, but they needed to know and now they do.

This has been a powerful experience for all of us. The curriculum I put together and hands on supplies have been left with a wonderful physician and the nurses of the Amasaman Health District. The teaching to come will help to save even more lives. We are all blessed for having been here, shared our knowledged and learned so much ourselves while making some wonderful new friends. God bless all of you who have supported my mission. Thank you very much–Beth

Photo taken by Lisa, Deb, Charity, Beth and Nicole

The Health Team Has Arrived

Nicole Schmidt sits outside the Hansonic Hotel

How exciting. The Health team arrived today. The team is led by Beth Hester, RN, of Westminster. It includes Nicole Schmidt, a teacher and Lisa Bornt, an animal technician, both of Westminster. We are also happy to have Tana Younger, of Virginia, who is a professional photographer. Hopefully you will be seeing beautiful photos from her over the next few weeks.

Lisa, Nicole, Tana and Beth at the Hansonic

After a good meal of ground nut stew and omo too (rice balls) I left them to recover from the long flight (about 10 hours) from Washington. We have an early day tomorrow, leaving at 7 am. Looks like bread and cheese for breakfast on the road.

Blessings, Debi

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