Welcome to Reading Camp 2021

It is always exciting each year as we begin our week of three village Reading Camps running simultaneously. Our prayer is to empower each village to run their Reading Camp without our assistance once they have completed three camps with us. Right now we have Akramaman and Twerebo running on their own while we have helped at Boate for the last three Reading Camps.

Every day has a different book and a different theme. At the end of camp, every camper receives the books they have worked with all week. Most years it is five books. Due to COVID, the Ghana school system ended late and we needed to cut out one day of camp so children received four books this year. Every child leaves happy and yet sad knowing the next week they will not be in camp. Here is a view of our camps.


Akramaman photo Solomon Worlako





Today is the first day that I have had sufficient internet service and I am in Dubai waiting to catch a plane home. My heart is full. The joy of watching students and teachers, find a love for reading is beyond mere words or photos. Thank you for sharing your love and resources to those who need a little hope.

Blessings, Debi

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