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  • Eleven 50 pound bags later

    Eleven 50 pound bags later

    144 pounds of materials x 3 villages = 432 pounds: all purchased, packed, delivered, and now consumed by children and teachers who are hungry for knowledge, for books, for reading, for encouragement, for the love of a loving God poured out for them. This is GMH’s Reading Camp, which in now completed for 2021. What […]

  • Welcome to Reading Camp 2021

    Welcome to Reading Camp 2021

    It is always exciting each year as we begin our week of three village Reading Camps running simultaneously. Our prayer is to empower each village to run their Reading Camp without our assistance once they have completed three camps with us. Right now we have Akramaman and Twerebo running on their own while we have […]

  • 30 Ghanaian teachers, many very new to the profession.

    30 Ghanaian teachers, many very new to the profession.

    How do you add value to 30 teaches who have spent most of the last year unemployed or just graduating from high school? Believe me, this was a challenging year, however, thanks to COVID, Zach Neumann had time to finish his Masters Degree, Administration and Personal Development. Part of his thesis was developing a teacher […]

  • 6,574 miles later!!!

    6,574 miles later!!!

    For me the trip started last Monday with a trip to Baltimore, my home town. I was delighted to have dinner with my friend Eileen McGrow. I always try to see her before heading to Ghana. Pappas restaurant on Taylor Avenue and they have amazing crab cakes. After a short night in a hotel, 4 […]

  • A Ghanaian Easter

    A Ghanaian Easter

    As Easter approaches our U.S. stores are filled with artificial grass, baskets, and chocolate Easter bunnies. People shop for new clothes and for traditional Easter dinner foods. Churches mark the approach to Easter with Palm Sunday services, Holy week services that walk participants through the last days of Jesus’ life and death, leading to the […]