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  • Welcome to Reading Camp 2021

    Welcome to Reading Camp 2021

    It is always exciting each year as we begin our week of three village Reading Camps running simultaneously. Our prayer is to empower each village to run their Reading Camp without our assistance once they have completed three camps with us. Right now we have Akramaman and Twerebo running on their own while we have […]

  • I’ll See You Next Year . . . . . . . . by Joanna Haslem

    I’ll See You Next Year . . . . . . . . by Joanna Haslem

    While the rest of the team left last Sunday, I stayed an extra week to work at theReading Camp in Akramaman . It was quite a difference from teaching in Boate.  At the latter school, children had never before experienced Reading Camp.  At first, they were very shy and quiet.  It took nearly the full […]

  • Was it only yesterday ?. . . . By Debi Frock

    Was it only yesterday ?.  .  .  .                       By Debi Frock

    In August of 2010, six teens, a photographer, and two teachers embarked on a mission to create a Reading Camp at a small village named Akramaman. Little did we know that this was the beginning of something spectacular. Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope invited forty children to that reading camp. The next year it was sixty children, […]

  • Art 101 in Akramaman. By Bruce Neumann

    Art 101 in Akramaman.   By Bruce Neumann

    Art for reading camp has changed! Last year I did a structured art project each day for the reading camp. This year I am to do some preset items and use my imagination to fill the time. At the 2014 camp, I had some boys who seemed to have a knack for painting, so I […]

  • Thoughts about the village

    By Jason Wheeler, On Friday morning we leave the hotel and drive to the village of Akramaman where we will be running the Reading Camp next week.  We enter the small village after driving down a long dirt road filled with potholes the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, and apparently the road has been greatly […]