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  • So, What is a TED talk?

    Four  years ago, friends began sharing TED talks with me. They were all very interesting and I began to wonder just what started all of this? How do these people, who come from all walks of life, find their way onto the TED stage? First what is TED? TED began as a conference in 1984 about […]

  • How this drawing saved my bacon!

    Blog by Anita Dudek   Today, in the busy Atlanta Airport people were streaming in every direction. My attention was caught by an individual who had taken time to look, really look, at some children’s drawings displayed on one large wall. Then she took out her phone to take a picture of one of them. […]

  • A Final Good-Bye for Now to Ghana.

    AARON RUDOLPH-teen missioner Our week at reading camp was very fun and interesting. I learned a lot of things from our week with the children. A lot of different things happened, to the kids and us, which was life changing. I found that if we gave examples they would use that exact example instead of […]

  • THANK YOU for Reading Camp

    JACKIE COATES–Returning missioner from 2011 In 2011, I went to Ghana to do my first reading camp. By the end of the week I looked like I had been left in the jungle for twelve hours. My eyes were red from crying, my body was soaked with sweat, my skin had a heavy tan line, […]

  • I Know I Have Made A Difference!

    RENEE RUDOLPH – CLASS 2 TEACHER Camp is going great! The children are definitely coming out of their shells, and becoming more comfortable with me and my accent; even though I don’t have an accent! LOL! They are answering a bit more loudly, but some are still very shy and insecure. They absolutely LOVE to […]

  • Half Way There!

    JANET FAULKNER The dreary rain presented a special challenge today. Lack of outside playtime made the children restless, but they adapted beautifully. Their sunny smiles and cries of, Madame! Madame!” lifted my spirits as we began the day. We breezed through a review of the past two days and they impressed me with how much […]

  • Day Two with 100+ Children in Reading Camp

    Wow! We added 40 childen to camp this year. That is a 60% increase over the last 4 years. On day one when we arrived, it was overwhelming. It is, however, amazing what you can do when you plan and organize. Kudos to Becki Neumann and Christ Church-South Riding for all the work they did to organize […]

  • Why Do I Come to Ghana? by Pastor Becki Neumann

    Today was the day; it was the opening day of reading camp in Akramaman, and… my “Diamond Jubilee” birthday. Since 2007 I’ve travelled to Ghana 6 times, with each trip different from the others. What is it, In addition to the powerful call of God, that brings me back time after time? The first time […]

  • Moved By The Spirit

    Janet Faulkner- Moved By The Spirit of St. Justin’s The spirit of Ghana truly came alive for the GMH team Sunday morning when we attended church services a tiny St. Justin’s Anglican Church in the tiny village in the outskirts of Accra . While many elements of the service were familiar to some of us, […]

  • Marching To Your Own Drum

    I am sorry about the long lapse since our last blog. This one was written on Saturday night but I have had power and internet outages for the last 3 days. This year we have two parents who have traveled with their children. This is a big commitment. Each person must raise $3,300–this means $6,600 […]