I Know I Have Made A Difference!


Camp is going great! The children are definitely coming out of their shells, and becoming more comfortable with me and my accent; even though I don’t have an accent! LOL! They are answering a bit more loudly, but some are still very shy and insecure. They absolutely LOVE to get praise of any kind, whether it be verbal or physical. They like high fives and my saying, “Kiss your brain!” There is no shortage of hugs given either. There are some children who have just made my heart melt. They are so eager to learn, it’s amazing.

An amusing thing that I see happening at lunch is how they fight for water. If someone at the table RENEE (1)has more than they do, they will steal from one another. During prayer one day, while their eyes were closed, I saw a child secretly take water from his neighbor’s cup without them knowing. I told them today not to fight, and to keep their hands in their laps until they were able to eat. They all followed directions, and there was no fighting. It made my heart happy! I am not looking forward to tomorrow, as we will have to say goodbye; but I know that I have made a difference in the lives of these precious children.



Reading Camp 2014 has been the greatest camp ever before. We, the teachers and the children are very grateful to have this wonderful Reading Camp to enhance great reading skills. This programme from Monday to Wednesday has been interesting and very challenging even though we have not yet ended.

PATWe are very grateful for the Sponsors, Supporters, and Leaders of the Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope organization for putting smiles on the faces of the children and imparting knowledge in them and us. We wish God’s blessing on everyone who contributed to make us happy this week.



My past 4 trips to Ghana focused on construction, this year I found myself faced with being an art teacher, and working directly with the children. Monday we made name tags; Tuesday, we read Go Dog. Go!, and made lunch bag dog face puppets. The children were amused by them, and some of the teachers were amazed by them. Wednesday’s story was Put Me n The Zoo. In preparation for camp we made Zoo gates on paper donated by Smitty’s Photography in Maryland. The children made fish and cut them out and glued them to the gate paper. We still had plenty of time so I gave then chalk and told them to draw another animal or foliage in the Zoo; we had 14 children lying on the floor, chalking the Zoo.

Thursday was the best art project, DSC00616One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish in a fish bowl. We started with a precut fish bowl, and had them write “One Fish two etc.” on their bowl. We called them up by table to the paint station. We then painted the palms of their hands, one red and the other blue. Here they were, these little kids, putting their small hands in my giant paws and permitting me to paint them. What an act of trust! They then placed their painted hands on the bowls, representing the fish. They proceeded to the wash up in the bucket of water and were amazed that rubbing their hands together made purple. Oops, too much time left again! I took two sheets of chart paper and put them on the floor and introduced finger painting to them. They all seemed to enjoy it, including the teachers. Several boys were very into it and creative, so tomorrow I will send some of the paint home with them in recycled water bottles. I’ve enjoyed working with the children this trip, and hope to do more with them in future trips.

One fish (1)

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