How this drawing saved my bacon!

Blog by Anita Dudek

Ghana girl


Today, in the busy Atlanta Airport people were streaming in every direction. My attention was caught by an individual who had taken time to look, really look, at some children’s drawings displayed on one large wall. Then she took out her phone to take a picture of one of them.

That made me take some time to look …. whoa …. that looks like a drawing done by a Ghanaian child, I thought. There it was, when I got close enough to read the label on the picture, it was indeed done by an 8 year old girl from Ghana.

Well, of course I wanted to take a picture as well and share it with our facebook page. I reached for my camera and OH NO!!! I HAD JUST LEFT MY PHONE ON A SHELF IN THE LAST AIRPORT RESTROOM!  I hurried back to the very stall I had used and the gracious lady who was cleaning all things met me with a smile and my phone. WHEW!

Take a look at the description of this photo project below. It perfectly aligns with our goals for GMH.

caredot org

Each year Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope has an impact on

more and more girls, providing them with solid

education and good health care. Thanks to all of you who

have seen the value in joining us.

For more information

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