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  • For where your heart is, there also is your treasure.

    by Bruce Neumann In 2004 God called me to Ghana to be a part of Cursillo Team. This makes my 7th trip; why do I keep coming back? Like our son, Zach, said, “Once you have African soil on your feet, you will always have a piece of Africa in your heart.” This year I […]

  • Dancing to the beat of the drums!

    By Zita Collins Last Sunday we attended Mercia’s church, St. Andrew Anglican Church, all of us dressed in our new Ghanaian wear! Since it is the first Sunday of the month, the service was quite long—about 4 hours– as there are many extra components to this service. There were birthdays to bless, condolences for loved […]

  • Who can resist such adorable faces?

    As we have come to the end of our missions for 2012, I hope you have enjoyed seeing and hearing about the people of Ghana. There are three more blogs from team members and I have plenty of stories to tell over the next several weeks.  Tonight I want to share the Reading Camp from […]

  • “The soul is healed by being with children” F. Dostoyevsky

     Another reading camp has come to an end. The children, wearing their GMH shirts have all waved goodbye, some with tears in their eyes, and the US team has had our last dinner in Ghana. I rarely can make sense of the emotions I have as I prepare to leave Ghana, this time for the […]

  • 16 Bolts, 8 yards of concrete and a lot of sweat!

    by Jason Wheeler The preschool in the village where we are holding the Reading Camp, has a playground in disrepair.  And by “disrepair” I mean that all of the supports for the swing set and climbing slide have split, broken completely, or otherwise have become unsafe to play on.  One of our goals for this […]

  • Dressing up in our very best

    August 8, 2012 Elizabeth Werbiskis The things I have discovered on this journey that I am surprised about are not the things I  would expected to have had an affect on me. I know this is an area of poverty so seeing the conditions and hearing what these people will never have wasn’t a shock […]

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

    By Kate Olcyne, Teacher at Children of Mary Preschool. Kate is sharing the Reading Camp experience from the perspective of the Ghanaian Teachers who are assisting at the Camp. The first day of the Reading Programe started on the 6th of August, 2012, Monday. On the first day, we, the teachers and the children, wonder […]

  • “In a galaxy far, far away. . . . “

    “In a galaxy far, far away…” I taught five and six year old children how to read. In our classroom we had smoothly polished tables and desks, nice, lightweight chairs with silent gliders on the legs, and lighting overhead to meet the minimum standard for lumens per square foot. The walls held many brightly colored, […]

  • Extra, Extra Read All About It.

    I know that you have all been waiting to hear from our youngest team members. Adrianna, Cierra, Deryn, Josh, Mark and Matt have each written a few words about their experiences at Cape Coast. They are all 9th graders from Virginia Beach and I certainly have enjoyed their willing spirits. Kakum Park and the Canopy […]

  • We really haven’t gotten lost!

    How can 2 days feel like a month has gone by? I started to panic. We haven’t posted a blog. It feels like the team has been here a month but now I realize it has only been a few days. That’s what happens when you have long full days. Yesterday was a power house […]