Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Teacher, Kate Olcyne

By Kate Olcyne, Teacher at Children of Mary Preschool. Kate is sharing the Reading Camp experience from the perspective of the Ghanaian Teachers who are assisting at the Camp.

The first day of the Reading Programe started on the 6th of August, 2012, Monday.

On the first day, we, the teachers and the children, wonder what is going to happen. But we were all happy when the American and Ghanaian Teachers were smiling and jumping around with all the children.

Linda Tubym, Kate Olcyne, Lucy Larsey, Charllotte Mensah, Ruth Acheampong
All from Children of Mary Preschool

We had a reading exercise, which helped to divide the children into levels of classes. During the exercise some of the children were able to read and pronounce words correctly. Some were feeling shy to even talk to the Aunties. After the exercise the children were divided into three classes in which the lessons began.

There was a song “The Moose, the Moose”, an action song, where the Aunties were “floating in the water” on the ground for the children to see and understand it. It was amazing and a surprise to the children. Some were calling to their friends whether the Aunties were “crazy”.

The Moose, The Moose

The teachers also had a wonderful experience by interpreting the lessons in Ga for the children. We have fun playing with the children and the Aunties. It is a memorable time to sit with them in the same bus to our destination.

Lucy, in the blue shirt, having fun with the kids and the Aunties
Lucy keep cadence
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?

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