Smiles, smiles and more smiles


Putting together two Reading Camps simultaneously is exhausting, but so rewarding. I have to admit last night I was wondering just what have I done. Our camp at Akramaman is going great. We have a wonderful facility. We know the area, the cooks, the children and what to expect. Akramaman will have a Reading Camp but my team will not be there. The Ghanaian team will staff that camp.

I have asked my seven American team members to step out of their comfort zone, really way beyond the norm. The team is headed to Trewebo, a village in the bush. The school is crumbling apart. The adult bathroom was never finished so we have to use the children’s facility–think of an outhouse with only a hole in the floor. I have never met the cook and if it rained the drive would be very difficult.


This morning by 6 am I was packing the tro-tro with all that we would need: school supplies, 150 pounds of books, corn dough, mackerel, sardines, cookies, tomatoes and the list goes on and on. By the time I got all the supplies in the tro-tro there was hardly enough room to fit the team.

Mercia, my Ghanaian hostess and Executive Director, got up at 2 am to cook for the team. Thanks to her, we had a great breakfast of torpedo bread, Laughing Cow cheese, and hardboiled eggs. She also cooked our lunch: jollof rice, vegetables and chicken. Then she drove to Akramaman to get that camp started.

Meanwhile, back at Trewebo we hung up the Reading Camp Banner,


created a library,


hand washing stations,


and then we gathered the children for prayer.


Before long the children were enjoying songs, and stories


Art class and lunch.



There was just a little monkeying around.


At the end of the day there were 40 smiling children and 15 exhausted, but smiling, American and Ghanaian team members. I can’t wait for tomorrow, outhouse and all.


2 responses to “Smiles, smiles and more smiles”

  1. This is priceless! (Although it did come at GREAT expense!) By the time I saw the library picture I was into a full belly laugh. Thanks to ALL who have obediently followed the divine leading to get to this day!

  2. Hello Debi and GMH Reading Camp crew. Prayers and blessings for all! I remember the first GMH visit to Trewebo. Abigail and Karen and I were with you. So glad the village is now receiving love and blessings from GMH.

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