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  • This Was Definitely A Life Changing Experience

    By Deborah Albert At the start of my second year at university I was determined to do something life-changing, I didn’t know exactly what that would entail but I definitely wanted to challenge myself and the skills set I thought I had already. Little did I know that this trip be so character building and invaluable. […]

  • More Than Enough

    By Kimberley Langston It was February and I sat in Sunday services at Christ Church for the first time since probably Christmas.  Adding a third child to our already young family, along with my husband’s aggressive travel schedule, had hit me hard and we simply hadn’t made it to church in more than a month.  […]


    Have you ever watch the beacon of a lighthouse shine into the darkness? As it guides ships to safety offering hope to anyone in its path. I feel our donors are like those lighthouses, offering beacons of hope to the children of Ghana. We received very good news this summer. The District Assembly in Amasaman, the regional  government, is […]

  • The Results Are In!

    The Results Are In!

      I can remember my excitement when the Sarasota Community Foundation announced the 2015 Giving Challenge. This was an opportunity for all Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope board members and volunteers to get involved and create a campaign for our newest collaboration to help mothers in Ghana called Water Mamas. Everyone was eager to participate. Our goal was to raise $1,250 […]

  • A week in Trewebo

    Janet Neumann Today was a bittersweet sweet day; it was the last day of reading camp.  I started the day off thinking today would be long.  I have never been one that was good at saying goodbyes, but over the years I have gotten better at it.  The team arrived in the morning and we […]

  • Akramaman Reading Camp

    By Mr. Seth Agyakwa In Ghana, one problem we normally encounter in the public school is lateness to school. During reading camp, the same pupils and teachers, who normally report to school late, are always very punctual. Even though lessons start at 9:00 am, by 8:00 am all are present. This is not because of […]

  • Smiles, smiles and more smiles

    Putting together two Reading Camps simultaneously is exhausting, but so rewarding. I have to admit last night I was wondering just what have I done. Our camp at Akramaman is going great. We have a wonderful facility. We know the area, the cooks, the children and what to expect. Akramaman will have a Reading Camp but […]

  • Are We There Yet?

    Are We There Yet?

    By Helen Lang and Kim Tompkins Remember that question? Today there were times where it felt like that. Our adventure-filled day began at 6am when we were whisked away in a tro-tro (local transportation like a van with hard seats and no shock absorbers). During our three and a half hour drive, we saw many small […]

  • Sixty Water Mamas and So Many Babies

    By Deborah Albert So far, so good! The experience so far has been way beyond my expectations. I came as a newcomer to West Africa, and what better country to first visit. As expected, I was a bit nervous when I first arrived in Accra, and my biggest hope was that I didn’t get sick […]

  • Up the River Without a Paddle

    There is so much that goes on behind the scenes here in Ghana thanks to Mercia Laryea, our Ghana Director. Each year after our camp we have extra supplies and books that are given to Mercia to disperse. Through Mercia we have had an impact on schools throughout the coastal cities of Ghana. Mercia met […]