Meet my Ghana family

Victor and MerciaFor those of you who are new to following Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope, I would like to introduce you to my family in Ghana. When I began GMH in 2005 I invited Mercia Laryea to become my Director here in Ghana. Since that time we have become sisters.

Mercia and her husband, Victor, live in Accra. They have lived in the same home for more than 25 years. When I come to Ghana I stay in their home in a room they refer to as “Debi’s room”. The closet is filled with all of my Ghana clothing plus other items that are used during our missions.

Two other very special people live in the Laryea compoundOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
, Joshua and Comfort. Mercia and Victor adopted Joshua when he was about 2 ½. We are not really sure of his age for he was abandoned on the roadside. His health was poor but they fell in love with him immediately. He is now getting ready to celebrate his 10th birthday on September 1st—the date chosen to be his birthday. He is in 5th grade. His English is very good. He is a typical boy—loves futbol, soccer, and Legos.


Early comfortComfort’s story is completely different. Comfort grew up in a fishing village until about the age of 8. Mercia knew Comfort’s mother. Four years ago, the mother died leaving behind several children. The two youngest children were girls, Comfort and a sister just a year older. The children’s father has many other children and felt the girls would be of no use to him and wanted to sell them off to fishermen on the Volta River. They would become modern day slaves.

An Auntie wanted to save the girls and asked Mercia to come take them away quickly. Both girls were brought to Mercia’s house. Neither girl had lived in a real house with many rooms and conveniences. They had never been to school. They knew no English, had no clothing and almost everything was a new experience for them. The oldest girl did not want to stay and went back to the village. Her Auntie has taken care of her. Comfort loved the new way of life. After about 6 months she was able to learn enough English to attend school. She loves to read anything and everything. I watched as she and Joshua read articles in the newspaper tonight. We think she will turn 13 this year. Through the generosity Mercia, Victor and our mission teams, Comfort is able to attend a nice school.Comfort Joshua

I love these two children. They keep life at the house interesting. Last year Mercia and Victor’s grown son, Isaac, was living here with his wife, Beatrice, and infant son. They have moved to a home of their own. I miss little Nii Martey but I hear he now has a baby brother. I am sure I will be sharing some photos in the future.

Nii Martey
Nii Martey, 2013

As they say, “you can’t know the players without a score card”, I hope this brings everyone up to date. Feel free to leave comments. I love hearing from you.

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