A new twist to the Eensy Weensy Spider

Spider girl from 2010 Reading CampI love teaching kids in Ghana the Ensy Weensy Spider. Watching them try to maneuver their fingers to imitate a spider is so funny. That is about as funny as it get when it comes to me and spiders. 

I really enjoy my bucket bath in the evenings. Mercia’s house has a spacious shower room with a nice sink and a large shower. Originally there was a bathtub but the tub was removed and the area tiled with a small 4” wall to keep the water from spreading to the floor. In my large shower stall there is a bucket, a stool to sit upon, and in the rear of the stall I have several towels on a wooden towel rack that sits on the floor. There is a hand held showerhead attached to the faucet. Hot water is supplied by turning on the electric water tank above the shower. It is set for 140 degrees. Yes, super hot.

I am not a big fan of hand held showerheads so I prefer a bucket bath. I fill the 10-gallon bucket with 2 inches of super hot water then add cold water. Since the outside temperature is 85 or 90 during the day, my cold water is more like lukewarm water. I take an empty plastic water bottle and cut off the top. This gives me a nice scoop to pour water over my body. Believe me, it feels like heaven.

I arrived in Ghana late on Tuesday night and went right to bed. I was exhausted from the long travel. On Wednesday our schedule was very busy and I was looking forward to my hot bucket bath. After undressing I turned to step into the shower and there on the wall right by my stool was the biggest, ugliest spider I had ever laid my eyes on. I was desperate. I wanted my bucket bath. I picked up the floor mat and hurled it at the spider. He only moved an inch or so.

What next? I grabbed my shower gel and began squirting in his direction. He was too fast. Now he was becoming super spider and I was down a half a bottle of shower gel.

He ran behind the shower curtains. When I moved the curtains he ran towards me. I panicked. Evidently the shower gel was not the solution. Then I saw the hand held showerhead. Hot water could be the answer.

Quickly I turned on the hot water. Actually a little too quickly, the shower head took off spraying scalding water everywhere, except on the spider. Dodging the hot spray I captured the showerhead. Where was that spider?Spider 1

I spotted him midway up the far wall. I began to spray in his direction. He ran under my towel rack. I needed to make a instant decision. Could I live without dry towels? The answer was, —- yes! I aimed the spray for the towel bar; soon the spider was floating towards the drain. I continued the assault until he curled up in a lifeless ball. I breathed a sigh of relief as I filled my bucket.

Now, I know God created all creatures great and small. They each have a purpose in life. Spiders keep the insect population under control but the truth is, they really creep me out, especially when I am tired and in need of a warm bucket bath. I offer this version of my old favorite:

The Big old ugly Spider crawled up into the shower

Along came Ms. Debi ready for her bath hour

Off came the showerhead full of scalding rain

And the Big old ugly Spider was never seen again

Spider 2Spider 3

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