Smiles as big as the Ocean.

After a good night’s rest, a cold shower and a hot breakfast, we headed into Accra. Our destination==market experience.

You can just imagine the sight. A city of 3 million people, most of them walking the streets in Makola market and here we come. Mercia leading the way with 16 of us in tow- Bruce or I at the rear to pick up the stragglers. We crossed the streets stopping the traffic as they gawked at us. It can make you a little self -conscious. We had to keep watching our feet because the ground is so uneasy. We did buy a few beads and who can resist a fresh coconut, water and all. Sorry for the image, a slight bit of rain makes the shutter stick.

We left Makola to head to the Cultural Market. Here is where the fun begins. What troopers. They enjoyed the bargaining and found a few good deals but nothing will replace the incredible experience of being in an African drum circle. Yes that is right 12 of the team had a chance to learn to drum with the best drummers in the market. They can really keep and beat and learned very quickly. Of course that lead to buying 10 drums before we left the market and I struck quite a nice deal for the team members.  They hand carved and made Ron’s drum while he waited and took photos. It is truly an experience everyone will remember. We have video.  I have to run. The power is out and my battery is about to expire. Tomorrow Cape Coast at 5:30 am., too early.  Blessings, Debi

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