She just needed some Mr. Clean!

Just how much time do you spend going to the store for a cleaner, like Mr. Clean?

Sophie, Vivian, Debi and Mercia


I arrived here in Ghana very late last Friday. It was exhausting–2 planes, a 5 hours layover in London. Both flights were over 7 hours each. I was tired and Mercia and I talked for about 4 hours when we finally got home. So I slept until 11 am Ghana time on Saturday morning.

Lazily, and I do emphasize lazily, I got up and ate some breakfast. Mercia and I had a great conversation about the need for breakfast and then she told me Felicia had come to visit.


Felicia is very special. She is the eyes and ears of St. Paul’s Preschool in Akramaman. She has been a teacher since day one–the only one of the original four. She does it all and she traveled by tro-tro (bus) for 2 hours to get to Mercia’s.  She had been there for several hours waiting for me to wake up!!

Actually, she needed some detergent to clean the school and was waiting for us to make a trip to town to buy a certain cleaner. I dressed quickly.

Going to Makola Market is is not like a trip to Publix or Safeway, oh, no this is hard core shopping. And it has been raining heavily, so there is a lot of mud involved. Oh, and yes, this is the market that was featured in the Amazing Race last year.

You can buy just about anything in the Market. It goes on for miles. The stalls are small and many. The crowds are very heavy and there is no “personal space”. You know those jeans that you gave away to Goodwill last year, well, I found them. And those tennis shoes you donated were there too, being scrubbed so they would look whiter.

Felicia was able to find the detergent that she needed after an hour or so.  By now it was 3 o’clock and she has been on the road for 8 hours–just to buy some Mr. Clean. It would take her another hour or two to get back to the village. She is so dedicated!

Mercia and I continued the trek up and down the aisles, always searching for a bargin. I saw a dress that I gave to Goodwill in 1985.  This is hard work and I am exhausted quickly.


Finally we settle on some kelewele. Hmmmmmmm

Kelewele–fried plantain


Blessings, Debi

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