So many Red Bishops

Red Bishop

One of my favorite past times while I am here in Ghana is to count Red Bishops. They are a beautiful birds that are common as we ride through the bush. This photo is by daniehattingh. I have several photos of this bird and I love to point it out to the children. We often miss the beauty that is right in our own backyard. So in the van with our mission teams we count Red Bishops. So far 25 is the most we have seen in one trip to Akramaman.

Well this past Sunday I got to see several new Red Bishops but they were not birds. They were Anglican Bishops from many different countries. 

I was blessed to attend the consecration of The Venerable Dr. Daniel Sylvanus Mensah Torto. It was a glorious affair held outside of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Accra. I estimate that 3,000 were in attendance. Former President John KufuorImage was only a few feet from my seat. It was hot and humid and the service was 5 hours. But I have to say, it was an interesting 5 hours and I am grateful to have had such a dignified seat right up front and center–well almost up front. It was in the center about 6 rows back but I was center aisle. It was perfect for photo ops. Even better, one of the real photographers loved my Nikon and would go up front and stoop down to get the pictures–my lovely full length, white lace dress was not exactly stoop down friendly.

So back to Red Bishops. All the bishops were dressed in red. The procession was a sight to behold and when they all posed for a photo–well you be the judge.


The Bishop on the top row with the kente mitre (hat), is about 6’9″. I have never seen such a tall, commanding Bishop presence. I believe he is the Rt. Rev’d. Dr. Jonathan B.B. Hart.  

The Most. Rev’d Dr. Peter Akinola is very animated in his Sermon–He reminded us all

Imagethat the church is not about fundraising and programs but about spreading the gospel. It was easy to stay awake for this sermon. I really wanted to meet all the bishops but they were hurried away after the ceremony.

The Torto Family rejoices

Bishop Torto’s family was definitely happy for this day. They all looked so fine in their white dresses and grey suits.  Enjoy the photos.


A blessing


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