Ghana Mission 2010

Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope will host two mission trips to Ghana this summer.  The first trip, July 14-26,  will bring breast cancer awareness, along with health and environmental issues to four villages in the Amsamaman District, including Akramaman village, where our first Health Post has been constructed.

Beth Hester, R.N., Nicole Schmidt, teacher,  and Lisa Bornt, animal specialist,  will host day long programs in the villages to discuss women’s health.  Breast Cancer is a large concern in Ghana and many women are under the misconception that any abnormality of the breast could be a curse.  Our hope is to demystify breast cancer and provide information on treatment opportunities.

2 responses to “Ghana Mission 2010”

  1. The school year is coming to a close and our departure date is fast approaching. We are getting excited. Making plans for our trip, working on our lessons, etc. Summer like temperatures let us know it won’t be long until we land in Accra! And it is a direct flight this year!!! Can’t wait to see our friends, make new friends and eat some yummy Ghanaian food. More later, Beth

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