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  • Father/Daughter Reflections by Jason and Tabitha Wheeler

    Father/Daughter Reflections                       by Jason and Tabitha Wheeler

      Jason and Tabitha Wheeler live in northern Virginia and attend Christ Church, Anglican. Jason volunteered in Ghana with Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope in 2012. From Jason: This is my second Reading Camp in Ghana through Ghanaian Mothers Hope.  When the first trip came to an end, I promised the children “I will be back again […]

  • One Child at a Time by Janet Neumann, US Volunteer

    Day one of reading camp for me was both familiar and yet, new.  In past years, as the bus with Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope volunteers drives up to a school, smiling children would come running.  I love seeing the children waving and calling out “Auntie Janet, Auntie Janet.” This year my greeting was much quieter, which […]

  • Our Mission is Finished – by Beth Hester, R.N.

    To paraphrase someone a long time ago Our mission is done. I have seen the most wonderful learning and excitement and appreciation on the faces of so many Ghanaian women this week it is hard to count the number. It is amazing the way they listen so attentively as they soak up new information on […]

  • Ghana Mission 2010

    Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope will host two mission trips to Ghana this summer.  The first trip, July 14-26,  will bring breast cancer awareness, along with health and environmental issues to four villages in the Amsamaman District, including Akramaman village, where our first Health Post has been constructed. Beth Hester, R.N., Nicole Schmidt, teacher,  and Lisa Bornt, animal […]