I think I can, I think I can

2007 Hondra CRV when we bought it used in 2013

This car is now 15 years old and still thinks it can. It had 60,000+ miles on it when we purchased it, thanks to Church of the Redeemer in Sarsota. Now the odometer has turned over, and over and I cannot even imagine how many miles it has traveled.

This was yesterday when we traveled to East Legon, a superb of Accra, to pick up three 50 pound bags of school supplies and found ourselves stranded by a dead battery. Thankfully a hot shot got from a local mechanic got us far enough to replace the battery so our little work horse could continue today.

Today it was back to work carrying about 600 pounds of school supplies and food for reading camp. This car is truly amazing. Considering. . . . .

We spent over five hours traveling roads like this and worse carrying so much weight. She, we call her Blessing, has continued to serve the children of Ghana even though she is getting tired and worn out. I’ll leave you with a blessing from our star village, Akramaman.

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