Groundnut paste and strawberry jam, yum!


Today I had so much fun with the children of Children of Mary Preschool. These dear ones range from just a few months old to age 6 years. I only scared one child. One is not bad out of 60.


This is part of new programing aimed at helping children across the globe get to know one another. Thanks to Angel of Hope, a non profit in Tarpon Springs, FL, we were able to partner a preschool in Michigan with Children of Mary.

The Michigan preschool studied Ghana, pounded fufu, and fried plantains to have a taste of Ghana food. The Ghana children ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and canned cherries for a taste of children’s food in Michigan. The cherries were a bust. They had seeds and were not very tasty at all.


The children have written letters to the Michigan school. They received letters from that school already and now have new friends in a far away land. I love my job. Here are just a few of my favorite faces today.





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