Why do I keep coming back by Bruce Neumann

P1440716I almost didn’t make it back to Ghana this year, but, thank God I did; another year is in the books. This year was the second year for Reading Camp at Boate. Over the week we have seen great growth in the children and in the teachers. P1440717While others were leading classroom activities in reading, I was in the art room leading art projects with my friend Merle. Even in the art room, I could see the gains the children and teachers were making, especially compared to last year.


This year’s art projects included spotting a leopard, friendship bracelets, painting a bear, elephant stick puppets, toilet paper tube owls, and footprint penguins. Teachers and children enjoyed all the projects, and most especially the owls and penguins.

The Boate teachers joined right into the projects and took initiative in helping the children know what to do.

My three Ghanaian Art Room Teachers, Michael, Ofori, and Collins

Last year I arrived home very ill. Why did I return? Nothing tops the smiles and giggles of the children as a new art project unfolds. I feel it is my calling to come and to help change the lives of these children and teachers forever,


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