Everyone Smiles in the Same Language by Janet Neumann

IMG_3772One of my favorite things to see is children smiling and playing.  As reading camp comes to an end, I am just recalling all the fun that the children have had and are having. We hear it in the states, keep children engaged and they will excel in the learning process.  However, in Ghana student engagement is minimal.

IMG_3785 2There seems to be an ongoing cycle of repetition, monotony in lessons and a lack of enthusiasm from the teachers.  In such an environment, a student is less than excited about learning or reading.  We come to teach not only children but teachers.


This week we have had created songs out of poems and added movements.  We have enacted skits during library time.  We have allowed children to be children. They are expected to be perfect, but we as humans are not perfect.  Perfection is only present in God.

P1440587.jpgThis week has made me appreciate the opportunity to leave a lasting impression.  I hope that my students will remember what they have learned.  However, most of all I hope that these sweet children remember my smile and that during our week together, I was their biggest cheerleader and that reading is the key to a better future.


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