And So It Begins. . . Reading Camp Training. . . . by Martina Kinslow

Debi asked me to give some impressions of the team’s first day going to the Reading Camp Training.


On the road to Akramaman last Thursday, we had to eat our breakfast in the bus byfbc386d4-c1a1-4fb1-9eae-a9dea80bc4a4 by peeling eggs or making peanut butter sandwiches. One experienced volunteer would remind us to take our malaria drugs. All of this while watching ladies along the road in their colorful dresses carrying variety products on their heads and cute babies on their backs.


The roads are bumpy, red clay. Goats and chickens run across the road but finally, we made it.


Teachers from three different villages are waiting to expand their knowledge about building understanding relationship with their students. They are taught the importance of building and establishing love for books and reading.

All of them dress nicely moving quietly to the very small seats at the children’s desk, ready to listen to training presented by Debi and Becky.


I took my place in the back –camera ready. The information delivered by Debi and Becky, and the teacher’s interactions and feedback were so interesting that I totally plunked myself down in to the training.

The teachers were asked to write two symbols of your life. I had my camera ready to video tape the answers. Suddenly I thought, let me think about my symbols as well.


My first symbol is a tree. It represents life- like a tree we all have roots  encored in different places, countries, continents… we all grew up in different culture, building characters, and like a tree no person is never same and always changing.

And there is a symbol of “Heart” representing love connecting all of us in this very moment.

Martina Kinslow lives in Bradenton, Florida. She and Debi know one another through the Community Foundation. Martina hope to start nonprofit work in Uganda.

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