What is Reading Camp? by Solomon Worlako Amesimeku

DSC_0016I came to the GMH Summer Reading Camp, 2018, wondering exactly how it is going to be like.


I was expecting it’s just going to be lots of reading. To be candid, the GMH Reading Camp is a lot more than I expected.


It’s got lots of fun filled activities, that arouse and sustain the children’s interest in reading. I see the children showing appreciable love for reading by reason of a variety of activities, materials, books, positive reinforcement and lots of multi-sensory activities infused in the entire program.



The children who have much difficulty reading not only show much interest in reading now but are wonderfully picking up in reading.


The creative activities are interesting and reveal the children’s creative prowess. As a teacher, I have learnt much more to improving my classroom practices, especially reading instruction.


I must acknowledge Auntie Joanna and Auntie Debi are great, hardworking teachers. I am really privileged to have been a part of this Reading Camp at Akramaman and I teaching here next summer.


Solomon Worlako Amesimeku

KG-2 teacher, St. Paul’s Anglican Preschool, Akramaman

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