Just how do you dress when you take your children to the doctor?


Today at Akramaman, where we are sponsoring a reading camp this week, the local mothers brought their babies and toddlers to the Health Clinic for check ups. There are no doctors in residence but public health nurses run the show. New mothers are given baby weighing cards, told about immunizations, and given other helpful heath information.


This day happens once a month, every month. Women arrive all day long. They come by foot, taxi, or moto.




One thing that is evident, the moms got up early. They gathered water, no one has running water. They heated the water and bathed themselves and the children. They ironed their clothes. Most do not have electricity, so no electric irons. The arrived looking beautiful.


Most of the babies were not happy about being weighed. Notice the beads on the baby’s neck, waist, and wrists. These are to assure that the baby is growing. When the beads get tight, you know your baby has been growing.


Thanks to this duplex, two nurses are able to stay with their families right at the village. They can deliver babies, take on medical emergencies, inoculate children, and give medical advice.

Thank you Dr. Elizabeth Park, Jason and Katey Weaver, St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Norman Luktefedder, and many others who have donated to construct the nurses quarters. From the nurses, the mothers, and Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope Board we say 

Oyi wala don!

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