Castles, canopy and monkeys–what a combination.

Thursday, August 1  This post was written by our three teens from Virginia Beach.

The day in the jungle – by Maggie Albert


Today we went to the jungle and walked on the rope bridges. It was such an awesome experience to be able to walk on a rope bridge across the trees. It was like a dream come true. I have always seen rope bridges in movies and in TV shows and really wanted to try it one day. I did not know what to expect going into it.CanopyCanopy

It started off with a hike up a mountain to the top. On your way up you up you saw cool birds and amazing trees with cool vines.  So you get to the top and the first step onto the bridge was the scariest because you did not know how it would feel.  Once you take some more steps you get used to it and it is not a big deal.  When you are on it all you see is tops of trees when you look down.  It was a really sweet view and so much fun.  I would definitely do it again!


Monkey see, monkey do – by Adrianna Senn YuenAdrianna monkey

Today we also went to the Monkey Forest.  This was my second time going there because I did the mission to Ghana last year. When we arrived we were told that the people who own the monkey forest had rescued two new baby monkeys. One just runs freely on its on will and the other has a rope leash and likes to jump around on people . He also likes to be scratched.

While we were walking I didn’t think anything of it. I payed attention to all the other animals they have rescued; crocodiles, turtles, antelopes, snakes, and civit cats.  They have one snake, which they call the 1-2-3 snake.  I was confused as to why they called it that.  Later on, I found out that the snake is a viper and very venomous. In one bite you have 3 minutes to live. This snake also has the longest set of teeth out of all snakes in the world.

As we made our way up Mt. Everest (10 steps) Kimberley moknkeywe found the turtle habitat. We all picked up at least one of the turtles; there was a female, a male, and a baby girl. The female turtle looked like it was trying to swim in our hands or she was just trying to escape our hold on her. The baby turtle hid in her shell the whole time because she was so scared of us; at one point we thought she was stuck! But she wasn’t. As we made our way back down we saw one of the new monkeys stretched out on Kimberley’s lap getting his tummy rubbed, I thought that was the cutest thing so I went and sat down right next to her. U-pie, the monkey, would just run around on his chain jumping off of our backs and shoulders. Anetta, one of the keepers, fed two of the monkeys these fruits that they get from one of the trees that they grow there but they don’t know exactly what the fruit is called. U-pie jumped on my shoulder while eating his fruit and I’m guessing he was done so he threw it on me and ran away. After that I wanted a monkey.


A view of the Slave trade from Africa- by Raegan TatumRaegan CC

Cape Coast was a new experience for me; learning and adventure wise. I enjoyed our tour with the help of our very informative tour guide. I took in many historical facts that stuck out to me.  For example a fact I learned was that the act of slavery actually began in the early 1500’s and then rapidly moved to a commercial trade.

In the Cape Coast Castle today, I was able to go in the dungeons. In these cells men and women suffered for many weeks and months at a time. Africans suffered from starvation, rape, and no sanitation. When my group and I were standing in the chambers it was humid, hard to breathe and barely had any light. Each chamber, 5 for men and 3 for women, would hold about 200-300 men or women. I couldn’t imagine being held captive in those conditions.View

The ocean and local fishing village views from the castle were fascinating. This slave castle was preserved with the harsh memories of slavery, but as a tourist attraction it was a beautiful place to see and explore  the history of the African passage to freedom.


One response to “Castles, canopy and monkeys–what a combination.”

  1. Wow Maggie and Adrianna, you got some priceless pictures! Glad you enjoyed the day. Reagan, we know going to the slave castle is hard, but your report helps us all improve our imaginations!

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