When do you know you have been a good dad?

ImageEvery parent breathes a sigh of relief when their children begin to make choices on their own that have lasting and wholesome significance. We are SO glad when our children show signs of compassion, leadership, deep thinking and concern for others beside themselves. We know that good fathering helps that happen!

Recently, Jason Levine, of Lake Worth, FL,Image got the opportunity to watch his 7 year old, Owen, make a tremendous decision that will impact many children half way around the world. Owen became aware of the terrible problem of malaria for the children of Africa. As his eighth birthday approached he became uncomfortable thinking of receiving presents when other little 8 year olds in Africa were suffering and dying from a dreadful disease that was entirely preventable. After hearing statistics like 90% of malaria deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa, mostly children and only 5 % of children sleep under an instecticide treated malaria net, Owen asked his mom and dad if he could ask his friends to bring cans of bug spray to his party instead of presents to send to the children in Africa.

Of course sending bug spray to Africa is not feasible.  But as a dad who wants to encourage Owen’s tender giving heart, Jason helped Owen find a solution; malaria nets and health care coloring books. “It warms my heart to see Owen putting his own wants to the side and take a day that is normally “his day” and focus on others in need. This decision to donate his presents was made all on his own. We are very proud of Owen.”

Owen and a malaria net next to his letter to his friends asking for them to help him send malaria nets to Ghana.

Owen’s party is this Saturday, June 15. Donations to Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope for malaria nets and health care coloring books are being made at our website.  Owen’s goal is 50 malaria nets and 50 coloring books. So far Owen has 11 malaria nets and 13 coloring books. Drew Davidsen and I will be delivering the nets and coloring books to children in July. Drew and I will use video and Skype so Owen and the children of villages in rural Ghana can meet each other and celebrate together!  Malaria nets can help keep children like Victoria, below, from suffering malaria’s abuse.



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