“To Tell the World of Jesus’ Love”

A few weeks ago I received a cute little video-text from my daughter, Kathy, of my granddaughter rehearsing for her preschool Christmas Pageant. I was unfamiliar with the song but loved the words:

I’d like to be a Christmas Tree

With lots of colored lights on me

I shine my star so bright above

To tell the world of Jesus’ Love

Immediately I knew that this would be the new song I could teach to the children in St. Paul’s, Akramaman, preschool.  Suddenly, I realized that a Christmas Tree might not be understood. Would they have ever seen a Christmas Tree? Well, for most of the children, many of whom are Muslim, the answer was NO—a Christmas Tree is only for city dwellers—In fact, the teachers were not familiar with a Christmas Tree—Ahhhh, my Western Culture stikes again. So I came prepared. With I-Phone in hand I was able to show them a Christmas Tree. With a few quickly thought out hand signs the song was a success. Of course the red St. Nicholas hat was part of the success.

I have bought many Christmas Presents this season but I don’t think any will be as appreciated and heart felt as the small cross necklaces, candy-canes and pencils. Thank you Gail Huber and Larkspur Middle School, Virginia Beach, for the pencils. Thank You, South Riding Anglican Church for the cards. You have won the hearts of the preschool, Primary School and many other schools in Ghana, as well as my own. The smiles on their faces will stay with me forever.

TonightKathy and I attended a Mother’s Union meeting. It was outside with all the noise from the traffic, the music from a pub and a choir rehearsal at St. Andrew’s Anglican church. It was all I could do to hear. Being a music teacher, Kathy could not resist checking out the choir. I joined her and I can honestly say in my more than 50 years of singing with choirs, I have never been so challenged. All the music is hand written in solfege ( you know do, re, me, fa….) It was all I could do to follow along and I’m a soprano —How Kathy kept up with the alto part was a miracle.

Here, try your hand at O Little Town of Bethlehem.  Blessings till tomorrow. Debi

PS. Thank you Matilda–they loved watching you sing.

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