Happy Birthday!

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How is it that a person who considers herself to be a home body, with a well defined mission serving a most wonderful church in South Riding, Virginia, who hates to fly, finds herself celebrating a second birthday in Ghana? The answer is twofold – God, and people. This is the third time I have heard God call me to Ghana; I love the people here!



For this trip I was called to run a teacher training workshop for preschool teachers. While my background includes 25 years of teaching experience with the appropriate degrees, I haven’t taught in a classroom for a very long time. I needn’t have worried, God showed up, in the person of Sue Ulrich, who has current experience, and a big bag of tricks to share. God also showed up in my thoughts as I prepared materials. And, God showed up in the 19 beautiful Ghanaian teachers who came to the training.



While Sue and I taught our Ghanaian colleagues about child development, reading, math, social studies, and science, God was teaching me about commitment, dedication, and the deep love he has for all people. The Ghanaian teachers came long distances, getting up very, very early to get to the training, held at GMH’s St. Paul’s Preschool in Akramaman. I had to wonder how many of us, back home in our comfortable environment, would do the same. These teachers want to improve the quality of their instruction, and they were willing to make sacrifices to acquire more training.



So, for three days we sang, we chanted, we read stories, and we counted. The teachers asked wonderful questions, and shared with us all. When the teachers asked for things we had not brought, God provided an internet connection and I was able to find materials on the internet to ad lib our planned activities. And today, after spending 3 days with these dedicated teachers, with eyes filled with tears, I handed them certificates as Sue gave them gift bags. These women and James, who greeted me this morning with “Happy Birthday,” even before I got off the buss, ended our time together with hugs and thank you’s, and handshakes. They were so grateful, and so were we.




Our day ended today with a wonderful party at Mercia’s home, complete with birthday cake for this birthday girl. It’s been a day of blessing after blessing, in a week of blessings.



I see Jesus reflected in the faces of these dear people, and I pray fervently that they see a glimpse of Jesus in those of us who come here to serve.


In Christ,


Becki Neumann+

One response to “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Dear Becki and Bruce,
    I am VERY instructed by your dedicated, sacrificial service. I want to use the words “proud of you” but know that is not the spirit in which you obediently answer God’s call. Press on dear ones,

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