The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Today was the second day of classes! After a long, bumpy bus ride, we arrived at the village and all of the kids were already standing in front of the school. When we piled out of the bus, they came and attacked us all with huge hugs. While setting up for class, the children learned how to play “duck, duck, goose” outside. Some got the hang of it, while others kept saying “duck, duck, DUCK!” It was a joy watching them run around and enjoying their time. When the game was over, the children lined up to sing the Ghana national anthem, Lord’s Prayer, “Read your Bible, Pray every day”, and “Shoo fly don’t bother me”. They are better singers than any American Idol I’ve heard.


The book of the day was called “Anansi the Spider”. The kids enjoyed listening to the story, counting the spiders on the page, and pointing out colors on the page. We repeated the word “Spider” more than a few times, showed a picture with the word on the board, and they wrote the word as well as drew a picture of a spider with pretty colored pencils, and crayons.

Soon it was time for the activity for the day. I have 3 groups of 5 kids that are already split up sitting in pods around the classroom. The first group created spider hats, the second group practiced drawing on construction paper, and the third group was working together to finish a puzzle. It was really great seeing that group use teamwork and help each other out when trying to do the puzzle! After three rotations, everyone had a spider hat, and it was time to sing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” song. They LOVED it.

It was raining this morning, but fortunately it let up before lunch! Thank goodness because they were getting so restless in the classroom. One soccer ball goes out the door, and they all go running with it. Soccer kept a group of about 15 boys occupied while the girls improved their jump rope skills. The best thing about children: it’s not hard to entertain them.

For lunch, we left the kids at the primary school with the Ghanaian teachers so we could go up to the pre-school. There, we ate yummy spaghetti and watermelon that Mercia had prepared! Pretty soon we were back at the primary school making bead necklaces! My class, and Sarah H’s/Ian’s class were beading, while Stephanie’s, and Zach’s class were making salt dough (or homemade play-dough). The day ended too soon and we had to say good-bye. The kids never leave right away after we say good-bye and tell them to go home. It’s so sad, I wish we never had to leave them!

Now I am at the hotel watching John Atta Mills (Ghanaian President) speak to the public about water sanitation, and hopes for the future of Ghana. It is pretty interesting. The Ghanaian commercials are so cheesy I love it!

Sarah Rossmeisl

Stay tuned for the playground saga!

2 responses to “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”

  1. YEA Sarah!…so good to see and hear from you! It really sounds like you made it to Cival Affairs …the job you really wanted. and those soccer balls are being put to good use. Try to get a picture of the kids playing soccer to give to the doners. Love, Mom

  2. Thanks, Sarah. Great update. It sounds like you are providing wonderful learning skills for the children. Is it still the 58 or did more show up? God bless all of you.

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