80 Ghana Cedis, no, I will pay 40 Ghana Cedis

Yes, the bartering has begun and hopefully the blogging too. Blogs by our team should begin tomorrow (they missed my 10 pm deadline), so for tonight just a little update.

#1, Sarah and Anna Rossmeisl arrived  this afternoon. They stayed in Chicago over night, then flew to DC, followed by 9 hours at the airport and an 11 1/2 plane ride to Ghana.  Truly and adventure for Anna, who has never flown before. We are all happy to have them here with us.

Today the team was invited to a preschool graduation which was very entertaining. The 6 big speakers, right behind our chair, were at full blast as the kids recited their poems and songs.  They are so cute at that age.

The afternoon was spent at the Cultural Market where everyone, and I mean everyone, learned the art of bartering. The teens became excellent barterers. I think I’ll just give my money to them with a shopping list.  Better photos and stories by the team start tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

3 responses to “80 Ghana Cedis, no, I will pay 40 Ghana Cedis”

  1. YEA! so glad to hear Sarah and Anna made it there safely. Thank you Scott and Debi for picking them up. It sounds like Anna got right in there with the bartering to get a drum. I’ll expect her to learn percussion beats from Ghana to share with the Shadow Armada Marching Band. I am forwarding the blog website to Gramma and Grampa since they are wondering how everything is going. Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Want to send lots of love and hugs to my beautiful, smart Goddaughter Jacqui. I am so proud of her. Hope this will be the first of many trips to different countries throughout the world.

  3. Stephanie, so proud of you! The children appear to be very excited. Kudos to you and your group. Aunt Margie

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