They’re Here!


This is a very short blog to let everyone know that most of the team has arrived.  They are staying at the Kris View Hotel which has a beautiful view of Accra.  After a good dinner they have gone to rest. Everyone room has a cell phone and they should be calling home.  They all look fine and excited. Big day tomorrow at the market.

Unfortunately, Anna and Sarah Rossmeisl were delayed due to a problem with United Airlines pilot “sick in”.  They claim it was weather related, however when the rest of the team got on the plane, there was a note from the CEO about the strike.

Sarah and Anna have arrived in DC and should be taking the plane tonight, arriving tomorrow.  I promise to have photos tomorrow. My camera has decided to take a vacation without me and hopefully will return tomorrow.

One response to “They’re Here!”

  1. I am so very happy that the team has made it there safely and are getting rested to prepare for their work. Even though I miss my daughter,Paige, I know she is doing her part to help others. We are missing you in Baltimore, Maryland and look forward to hearing about all that you have experienced and all the great peope you will meet.

    Love you,
    Mom, Step-Dad & Artice. (oh and Rideout too)

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