Mornings come way to early in Ghana—6 am here is still 2 am in the US and it takes several days for my body to catch up to the difference in time.  It is easy to stay up late at night (it is 1 am right now) but then I want to sleep in the morning.


It was difficult to stay awake and focused at church this morning.   St. Andrew’s is a large Anglican church, usually having 600 or more adults in attendance at a Sunday service. That many voices, most singing from memory, fill my heart with such joy. But I am still brought to tears hearing The Old Rugged Cross. On my first trip here, in 2004, my job was music director for a Cursillo weekend. After the keyboard blew the circuit, I was forced to consider doing all music with drum accompaniment.  Of course this is the most common instrument here so everyone was perfectly happy. At our Friday night candlelit chapel, all the men started singing The Old Rugged Cross in four-part harmony. Each word was heart felt. “And I’ll cherish the old rugged cross, till my trophies at last I lay down.  I will cling to the old rugged cross and exchange it some day for a crown.”


Tana had fun attending the children’s service.  We could hear the children singing for her.  As I look at her photos, I am reminded that these are the future leaders of Africa.  Twenty years from now they will be starting their careers and building new lives.


With church ending around 2pm—Yes it was a 4 hour service–, the remainder of the afternoon was spent at the home of Auntie Ce in celebration of her birthday.  There was fufu pounding and jolif rice with pepe.  No cake. Sweets are a real treat here—I have  a few cookies stashed away to satisfy my sweet cravings.


Tomorrow we hope to clear our container, which has been in port for almost a month now!! Sigh. I will be going to the port to answer questions and pay our customs.  THANK TO ALL WHO SENT ITEMS IN THE CONTAINER.  WE ARE ESPECIALLY GRATEFUL FOR SEED FUND, INC. WHO HAS SUPPLIED US WITH SEVERAL SOLAR PANELS.  THANK YOU, NORMAN.


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  1. Hello to all. I’m excited to get news of this year’s trips. Blessings to the Teams and my friends in Ghana.

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