This is a typical primary classroom in Ghana, West Africa

I have been working with children in Ghana for the last six years.  They are so eager to learn but are often held back from learn because of the lack of supplies.  Tomorrow we will dedicate a new Primary School.  St. Paul’s is a public primary school administered by the Anglican church.  Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope with the Epsicopal Diocese of Maryland and the Anglican Diocese of Accra were given a grant to build the school.  In September there will be 240+ students attending.

Painting the board

They have new desks and a big board painted black and used like a chalk board.  Children must bring their own pencils.  There are few or no text books and no teaching aids.  Through donations we are able to supply pencils, markers and glue sticks.  They use composition books which are bought here to conform to school standards.  They wear uniforms, often torn and the wrong size.  But still, they learn and they must learn to pass exams to continue.

Chief Nii Akrama attaching the brown paper

I am impressed with Chief Nii Akrama.  Every time we get to the end of a building project and need help finishing, he is right there.  Today he was down near the floor fixing a brown paper border, then up on a chair gluing a border to the wall.  We had to use “starch”–homemade glue which was still warm.  He really cares about his people.

So how can you help?  Recently Learn How stores donated some borders and posters for young learners.  We were able to decorate the grade 1 class room.  I am sure there are  teachers for classes K,1,2,3,4,5 that have extra aid like posters.  If you could donate them to us we could decorate all the classroom.  We could use teachers for our Reading Camp.  Mission volunteer applications for 2011 will be available in September.  You can change lives, including your own.

Mercia Laryea with Chief Nii Akrama in the decorated classroom
Ghana's future

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