Reading Camp Mission Team, August 2010

Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope has been doing short term mission trips to Ghana for the last 5 years but this year marks a first. We have four teens from Maryland and Virginia joining us to help with a Reading Camp in the village of Akramaman. Last year we brought our first teen, Tyler Brewer, to help with our builidng program. He had a blast and we thoroughly enjoyed his youth and energy.

Maria, Ian, Haley and Sara

Now we have three very energetic girls, Maria, Sara and Haley and one quiet boy, Ian. I am sure we will see a lot more energy in Ian next week when we are out at the school. Of course with the girls around he can hardly get a word in.

Our program begins every early Monday so today was a good day to tour the city and check out the craft market. Anyone who has been to a market in the Islands can appreciate how overwhelming the bargining can be. Today was mostly a small taste and we will return next week. However in the short hour that we were there we purchased:
a drum
a carved Noah’s Ark with animals*
a small carved TV tray table*
a local xylophone*
a dress
several pieces of Kente
a carved turtle
several bracelets
several kente print duffels*
a kente print purse*
a few paintings
and a mask

Can you imagine what we could buy with several hours? The * items will be for silent auction in the near future.

Today is Maria’s 14th birthday. What a great present to spend your birthday in Ghana! We celebrated at Regal Chinese–Yes there are several Chinese restuarants here in Ghana. They are popular and very good. It was quite a sampling. We had fried frog legs, lobster in garlic sauce, shrimp in curry, sweet and sour pineapple chicken, cashew chicken and beef with vegetables. Maria received a cake with the whole staff coming over to sing to her. It was a very nice way to celebrate.  I am trying to upload a video of the celebration to Youtube.  I will post it to tomorrow’s blog.

GMH provides mission opportunites several times during the year. Missions are determined by those available and our current projects. All missioners are expected to help us find funding for the projects. Please check out website for further information.

We are all tired and getting ready for another day. Tomorrow we will attend the preschool graduation for Children of Mary Preschool, run by Mercia Laryea. It is our role model for all preschool projects.

Sara eating a frog leg

Blessings to all, Debi


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