Hello from Ghana, Day 1

Vivian, Mercia, Debi and Sophia

Welcome to day one of Ghana mission Dream Teams 2010. This was my first time flying United Airlines direct from Washington, DC to Ghana. I was blessed to have Anita Dudek, The Rev. Becki Neumann and Bruce Neumann see me off. It is very nice to fly direct. I watched a movie, slept and then arrived in Ghana.

Oh how my heart leapt for joy as we flew over Accra. Seeing the dirt roads and many houses with only walls, just made me realize how much I love this country.

Mercia, Sophia and Vivian met me at the airport then had a splendid meal waiting for me at Mercia’s home. Unfortunately, many others had planned to meet me yesterday but I had the wrong date for arrival.

But now I am here to a beautiful 75degrees with a slight breeze. I am not missing the Maryland heat. Gladys, Mercia’s house help, is wearing a long sleeve blouse, a dress and jeans. I am in shorts and a t-shirt and very comfortable. I know that God has a wonderful plan for this trip and I hope you will tune in each day to enjoy the adventure. Akwaaba to all!

Gladys dressed for the cold weather (75degrees)

3 responses to “Hello from Ghana, Day 1”

  1. I thank God everyday for the great job you and your team are doing for the mothers and children of Ghana. I am so sorry that we keep missing each other. I am planning to be back to Ghana in October ’10. Let’s connect if you get back to the States before then.

    Please keep up the good work. There is a special place prepared in Heaven for people like you.

    Keep the Faith.


  2. Hi Debi – if you see Father Victor, say hi and thank you for the photos.
    Be safe. Have a wonderful time. I wish I was with you. M+

  3. Dear Debi,
    The blog is a greeat way to communicate.
    Once Ghana and the people become part of your heart it never leaves. I was with the group that came to export Cursillo in 2004. My desire to return hasn’t dwindled.
    May everyone this year be blessed by the people, heart and faith of Ghana.
    Connie McNey

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