Thank You United Thank Offering

Last year Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope received a generous grant from the United Thank Offering, through the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, Ascension Episcopal Church, Westminster, and the Anglican Diocese of Accra.  With the help of Barbara English, Dottie Arthur, The Right Reverened Eugene Sutton, Archbishop Justice Akrofi, The Reverend Ronald Fisher and a host of others, the grant has helped GMH to build a new primary school. 

St. Paul’s Primary School will open in September.  It will serve 200-300 children.  The children of Akramaman are so excited.  Soon they will not have to walk 4 miles down the dusty road to school.  In August 21 children will graduate from St. Paul’s Preschool and will be able to begin their primary education in a new school.


Debi Frock and the Board of Directors of Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope

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