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Our Own Debi Frock Nominated for Prestigious Award

ImageDebi Frock, the founder and Executive Director of GMHope, Inc. has been nominated for the Annual Global Professional Achievers (GPA) Outstanding Contributor Award 2011. This is an award which recognizes an individual or organization, which is non-Ghanaian that has made exceptional contributions to the well-being of Ghana and its people and promoted the image of Ghana internationally.
Ms Frock, a 2001 graduate and 2010 recipient of the Distinguished Alumna Award of Stevenson University has been working in Ghana since 2005 building preschools, playgrounds and health centers in villages for the purpose of helping Ghanaian parents and teachers to build the future leaders of Africa. She will be departing for Ghana with her daughter, Dr. Kathleen Kerstetter, on Dec. 10th to attend the ceremonies.
The GPA Awards are held annually to promote and encourage creativity, innovation, dedication and excellence in Ghana’s top business and professional community. The awards also serve as a platform for motivation, networking and identifying positive role models for aspiring young people of African descent.
This year’s awards event is of particular importance as it marks 10 years of consistently showcasing achievement, professional development, and capacity building. GPA celebrates a decade of promoting icons of innovation. The 10th Anniversary Awards are unique due to diaspora participation and the international mix that will be present.
The 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner and awards celebrations will be held at the State House, Accra on Friday, 16th December, 2011 at 7pm. For more information contact Ms Emelia Bartels, Founder and CEO, GPA Awards Ltd. (phone) 233 26 257 6661 or email info@gpaawards.net

Ghana Paradise

Lunch at Coco Beach Hotel

Beth and Nicole present a replica of St. George's Episcopal Church, Manchester, Maryland to the Priest's of St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Abbosey, Okai

Every good mission needs a day to catch their breath before going full force. Today was our day. After a nice relaxing 4 hour church service where the electricity was shut off in the middle of the service, we took a nice drive to the east of Accra toward Tema, the port city.

They have the best pizza at this hotel and a very nice view of the beach with a wonderful breeze.  We even tried seafood pizza with octopus.  Quite interesting–I passed and decided on the pineapple pizza.  Don’t laugh it is good.  On the way to the hotel we could see the coffin shop with it’s Coke Bottle, Crab, Church, Taxi, Fish coffins.  Yes, they do bury people in coffins shapped like a fish.

Mercia’s son, Joshua, came with us today and he is a bundle of energy.  We could barely keep up.  He loves the beach and it is a treat to go there.  We treated him to a horse back ride–a real horse on the beach.  We saw pigs eatting the trash and you have to check out the picture of the hermit crabs in the tidal pool.  It was so clear that you can’t see the water in the photos.

Joshua wearing my head gear

Pigs scavaging the trash on the beach--It is actually better than it was last year

Just how many hermit crabs can you find?

Here is a Praise Report.  In 2007 Cynthia Frock and Cheryl Vecera began teaching crochetting to girls here in Ghana.  Many are still improving their skills.  In 2008, Anita Dudek took crocketting one step further and taught some women how to crochetting using plastic bags as the medium to make toys for children.  It did not have the success that we have hoped for but we did stress recycling and now Ghana has begun a recycling program as well.  The other thing that Anita taught was how to make baby hats for the Safe Mothershood Birthing Kits to women in the Mother’s Union.  The biggest obstacle here is crochet hooks.  They us very small hooks and cotton yard.  We have supplied some wool and G-K crochet hooks.

Mrs. Crofi with baby hats

When I was here in January one woman, Mrs. Crofi asked me to help her with the pattern that we had given out.  After a short lesson she understood perfectly and brought me her work (she ran out of wool or she would have had more)  Bravo Cynthia, Cheryl and Anita for work that is still going on three years later.

Tana gets her photo taken by Joshua

Photographers always get left out of photo, so here is Tana posing for Joshua.

Blessings to all.  We will be going to learn lessons of slavery tomorrow and begin the breast cancer awareness programs on Tuesday.


Another fine photo from Joshua

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