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  • I thought I had been exposed to everything. . . by Elizabeth Werbiskis

    One of the things I requested of Debi Frock, founder of Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope, on this Ghana trip was that I get the opportunity to do more than just help with Reading Camp, sight-see and shop. She granted my wish and then some! Tuesday, Debi and I went to Denchira, a new village, to deliver […]

  • True Drew from Ghana

    I woke up this morning around 6 am. We were  to leave around 7:30 am to visit 4 schools that serve rural villages. My roommate, Joshua, was already up and getting ready for school. I took my vitamins and got set to workout but was soon greeted by the power going out. Next thing I […]

  • “Mom, can me and my friends send bug spray to kids in Africa?”

    How would you respond to that question?  You can just imagine the surprise on Gwendalyn Levine’s face when her 7-year-old asked this question. Owen is about to celebrate his 8th birthday and like most children he has been planning his birthday party since the day after his last birthday. For the last year he has […]


    Today has been a marvelous day and later tonight Haley will be sharing her account. I know the title seems shocking when our reading camp is going so well but the truth is that most of these children suffer from Malaria. Some are suffering right now. Her name is Victoria. She is 6 years old. […]