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Anita and Drew Report



We loved this trip on so many levels! If you are thinking of going to Africa please consider going as part of a GMH mission team. You will get into the culture and be with the people in genuine, authentic AND safe ways. We were in schools, churches and homes, markets, with vendors and malls, in cities and rural villages. We got to do some “touristy” things. We listened, learned, sang, danced, laughed hugged and cried. Think about it. Is God getting you ready to go?

`AND on behalf of the citizens of Africa we thank you for making so many coloring books with life giving, life enhancing, messages about hygiene possible for the future leaders of Africa!

It was our privilege and delight to share with about 600 children in song, word and image these powerful “secrets.” The Secret will continue to be shared by GMH teams all summer long. Please follow the journey on the facebook page GMHope.org.


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