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  • I know a secret I’ll share with you! by Debi Frock

    I remember teaching this song to from Junior Choir at Epiphany Episcopal Church, Timonium, MD, in the 1980’s.  Of course the secret is the Love of Jesus.  How true that song has been for Drew Davidsen and me during the last two weeks as we have been sharing “The Secret to Being Strong” with close […]


    I can’t believe that I have been in Ghana almost two weeks and Drew Davidsen has been here over a week.  At times it seems that it was only yesterday that I was packing, weighing and repacking four suitcases but time has flown by as we have done several weeks worth of work in the […]

  • “Mom, can me and my friends send bug spray to kids in Africa?”

    How would you respond to that question?  You can just imagine the surprise on Gwendalyn Levine’s face when her 7-year-old asked this question. Owen is about to celebrate his 8th birthday and like most children he has been planning his birthday party since the day after his last birthday. For the last year he has […]

  • Fast Food Ghana Style and Other Reflections

    On our way home from Bouko school” we stopped at a road side stand to pick up lunch – roasted corn. Debi says this is the “McDonald’s of Ghana.”Today was a 4th of July that will live a long time in our memories. It was a day of extreme contrasts. After the road became impassable […]

  • “Is that your house?”. . .

    “Is that your house?” the little girl said who saw an image of an African village home on my computer screen. It was a Twix moment for sure. Some of you already know that I have  a passion for “tiny houses”! I am invited to ponder what contrasts there are between our two cultures as I […]