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“Is that your house?”. . .

“Is that your house?” the little girl said who saw an image of an African village home on my computer screen.

It was a Twix moment for sure. Some of you already know that I have  a passion for “tiny houses”! I am invited to ponder what contrasts there are between our two cultures as I make friends with this little girl from one of the villages in Ghana.

We are recovering well from long travel and time zone changes. After a 24 hour extended  London vacation 3 of our suitcases finally arrived and we can bathe, shave, and change our clothes!

The highlight today was visiting the drummers in the cultural market. Drew got a lesson and put in his order for a specially made professional quality djembe drum. The djembe is said to contain three spirits: the spirit of the tree, the spirit of the animal of which the drum head is made, and the spirit of the instrument maker. We were delighted with the spirit of Peter, Drew’s djembe “sensai.”

Written by Anita Dudek

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